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Build a Home Gym with only TWO Pieces of Equipment!

Thinking of starting a home gym, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got advice for you! Start small. I’ve been doing this fitness thing for a while now, and there are two pieces of equipment that I believe will give you the most bang for your buck and will still give you plenty of variance in your workouts.

The MED-BALL (aka “Wallball”) -

There are SO many ways to use a med-ball. Add weight to your sit-ups or Russian twists, do squats or wallballs with it, jump over it, or my favorite- and arguably one of the most underutilized movements out there- med-ball cleans!


The list is endless with this one. You can add weight to your sit-ups and Russian twists with a kettlebell, OR you can swing it, clean it, snatch it, press it, row it, deadlift it, even bench press it… the list goes on! You can see how owning just these two pieces of equipment can give you loads of options for at home workouts. You could also opt to go with a dumbbell purchase instead of a kettlebell. In most cases, you can sub a dumbbell for just about any kettlebell movement.

Here are three sample workouts for you to try after you get your new ball and bell delivered to your house!

Workout #1

3 rds of-

400 m run (sub 90 sec. to 2:00 run)

*Do this workout for time. How fast can you go?

Workout #2-

Tabata- (refer to my TABATA TIME post for more info 😉)

MBCL (med-ball clean)

Ball jumps (jump over ball- can jump laterally or ball facing)

KB Push Presses (can do single arm or both arms to hold)

*Get as many reps as possible

Workout #3-

“Strength Day”

A- 3 x 16- KB split squat (or lunge) *could just do bodyweight

B- 3 x 10 suitcase deadlift (each side)

C- 3 x 20 Russian twist

D- 3 x 20 sec. plank hold

*Do one set of split squats, then suitcase DL, then Russian twists, then plank- repeat “3 times”.

Which one look like the most fun to you? Choose one and have fun with it!

Need suggestions for good quality, but affordable products? Here you go:

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