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The Fory Story

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m not sure where to even begin, but here’s the gist-

I have owned and operated a CrossFit gym for over a decade, along with my husband Nick.  Although, I have loved health and fitness my entire life- it was through my husband’s dream of making it to the CrossFit games, that I fell in love with cooking and feeding him well. 

We have tried several ways of eating through the years- Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Keto (before it was cool), and Macro Counting, to name a few. Really in the end, what we’ve discovered is that it all comes down to YOU.  There is no one size fits all game plan.  However, there are three main things that can go A LONG way in helping you to meet your goals. 

  1. CONSISTENCY is KEY!  This is by far my favorite IG hashtag.  In all things, we can see that  success doesn’t come from the things we do “occasionally”, it comes from what we choose to do “consistently”.​

  2. Preparation is a MUST!  Afterall, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, right?  All those times you don’t feel like meal prepping, may lead to a bad choice in a fast-food line.  The times you don’t pack your gym bag the night before a busy day, may lead to a missed workout.  You get it- preparation helps you stay on track. Be DISCIPLINED to PREPARE.

  3. YOU do YOU!  It all comes down to finding what works for you.  When you find it, roll with it!  Keto may not be sustainable, macro counting may stress you out, and maybe you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow for moderation in some areas- that all OKAY.


My hope is to help you fuel your bodies well- in all areas.  At Fueling the Forys, you’ll find quick and easy recipes, fitness tips and tricks, and advice on how to keep faith and family in the center of it all.  I look forward to helping you live a well-fueled life!

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