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Keep the Sickness Away!

The infamous words, “It’s going around.”  You’ll hear it a thousand times over the next few months, or all year long, even.  How many times do we hear and say that ourselves?  It seems like something is ALWAYS in the air- always creeping in to put a damper on our plans.  Well not anymore!  Let’s try to make our systems a little more bulletproof this year, by adding these six things into our diets. 


1. Vitamin D

We all know that we can get our vitamin D from being in the sun, but that isn’t enough sometimes.  Especially in the colder winter months.  There are several benefits to getting enough of this vitamin.  Such as: improved bone, tissue, and colon health, a strengthened immune system, improved brain function and it can also be a mood booster.  No wonder more people become “sad” in the winter.  We NEED Vitamin D! 

In fact, did you know that nearly 50% of people are deficient in vitamin D?  Deficiencies are especially higher in women than in men.  You can add more Vitamin D into your diet by eating tuna, salmon, eggs, and (some) dairy products.  It can be beneficial to add a supplement to your diet as well.  Here are a few recommended brands:


It is beneficial to take vitamin D with some food, because it is a fat-soluble vitamin- meaning that when you take it all by itself, you may not be able to reap all of the benefits. 


2. Zink

Let’s talk about this immune booster!  It’s not only great for your immune system, but also your metabolic health.   It’s great for your skin as well!  However, please note- you can take too much zinc.  I know this because I was taking a prenatal vitamin when I was pregnant with my first child (I did not look at the daily value of zinc in my prenatal before I popped a zinc supplement because I felt a cold coming on) Just minutes later, my body rejected it with a violent 10-minute stomach bug!  So just be sure to always read labels and pay attention to your amounts before adding these super supplements to your daily regimen.  When you take the proper amounts, it can actually be very good for your gut health.



3. Vitamin C

This vitamin is probably the most talked about when trying to “stay healthy”.  But did you know that vitamin C has way more benefits than just being an immune system booster?  In addition, it could reduce your risk of chronic disease, can help manage blood pressure, could lower your risk of heart disease, can help with iron deficiency, and can help protect your memory (and thinking) as you age.  Convinced yet?  

Vitamin C is found mostly in citrus type foods, such as oranges and grapefruits, but also bell peppers, strawberries, and tomatoes.  Adding a Vitamin C supplement is helpful to make sure you are getting plenty. You can take a capsule or powder form that dissolves in liquid if you prefer.


4. Nac


You may have never even heard of this one.  My husband swears by it!  Nac increases glutathione, which is your body’s most powerful antioxidant.  It’s great for brain, kidney, and liver health and can also help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering your oxidative stress - an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body.  Furthermore, there have been studies conducted that show this powerful supplement to be very beneficial in helping to fight COVID 19 symptoms.  A true POWERHOUSE! 


Find out more about Nac here.     


 5. Omegas (Fish Oil)


Alright, the big one here is that it helps reduce inflammation in the body.  That alone is huge.  When inflammation isn’t present in the body you will just feel all around BETTER.  You can also improve heart health by getting more Omega 3s into your diet, as well as lower your blood pressure while also developing clearer thinking and better skin too!   You can add omegas to your diet with salmon and other types of seafood or by adding flax and chia seeds to your oatmeal or your smoothies. 


You can take fish oil in capsule form or there are liquid forms too.  Remember to always read labels before taking.


 6. Magnesium

This one really isn’t an immune booster per say, but I think the benefits of taking it just make you feel better all around, so I’m adding it to the list!  You can get magnesium through eating leafy greens, nuts, seeds and beans, but we still often don’t get enough in our diets through the foods we eat.  Adding a magnesium supplement can help you to reap all the benefits. 


Magnesium has been proven to regulate blood sugar, can help combat depression, is great for bone health, promotes heart health, can help reduce inflammation in the body (aka- less aches and pains!) AND is great for your nervous system!  Check out this article to see even more benefits and to hear a little bit of science behind this super mineral. 


I use a powder form of magnesium.  It dissolves easily in a glass of water (or any liquid beverage you prefer).  I get my magnesium in for the day, and it forces me to get an extra 8 oz. of agua in.  That’s definitely a win-win, since we all know how important hydration can be when it comes to feeling our best.  However, you may prefer a capsule when it comes to getting your supplements in, so here are a few brands we recommend: 

Here’s to staying happy and HEALTHY in 2024! 

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