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Our Favorite Fall-time Family Reads

My favorite reading genre has always been children’s literature. Perhaps one of the many reasons I decided to go into elementary education. I still aspire to write my own children’s book one day. Eventually, I’ll make it happen. Reading time with my children always seems a little more special around the holidays. I love a good “special occasion” book. Whether it be the beginning of a new season, the first day of school, Presidents’ Day, or a fun Christmas book- we love them all. When a new season changes or holiday is coming, we change out the books we use as our centerpiece on our coffee table. It's always an exciting day.

I love that my oldest (age 8) is already recognizing tradition when we read certain books. Last Christmas we were so busy in December, that we didn’t get through all of our usual festive books. He was very bothered by it, and we had to have a Christmas reading marathon somewhere around the 23rd!

We decided to put together a list of some of our very favorite fall time books. We hope that you can enjoy them as much as we do!

Here’s our 6 tops picks for Autumn-

  1. The Biggest Pumpkin Ever- We love the fun rhyming words in this one. It also shows the fun transformation of fall, as the leaves begin to change, and a chill starts to form in the air. We also love that it teaches a valuable lesson- if you stay persistent, BIG things can happen!

  2. Autumn’s First Leaf- This book brings three cute leaves to life as it teaches us about the changes autumn brings. In addition- it teaches a lesson on how we shouldn’t treat others badly just because they look different than us, and... jealousy is never the answer.

  3. Big Pumpkin- This is one of our favorite Halloween books. It shows that teamwork can go a long way and, in the end, teaches us that even though someone may be small, they can have brilliant ideas and can still do big things. Also, I enjoy being able to do different voices for each character as they show up in the story- A witch, a vampire, a ghost, a mummy, and a bat!

  4. Trick or Treat, Little Critter- Mercer Mayor will always get a top pick from me, any season of the year. I have never read a Little Critter book that I didn’t enjoy. This one takes you through a typical Halloween season through the eyes of a child and is playful throughout. It teaches a lesson of sharing among siblings too!

  5. 10 Fat Turkeys- We read this one all year! The kids love it. We enjoy the playful rhymes and how it counts from 10 silly turkeys, down to… NONE! Gobble-Gobble-Wibble-Wobble- Do a Noodle Dance! (I mean, how fun is that to say?!)

  6. The Thanksgiving Surprise- This one is about two little pilgrims who get sent on an adventure to find their family a turkey for Thanksgiving Day. One little pilgrim has convictions about this, and it is fun to see all the obstacles the turkey must go through to stay safe and not get eaten! The author also uses some fun rhyming and repetition. You can do a fun little chant as the pilgrims continue their journey throughout the book.

We hope you can really dive into some reading this fall and continue throughout the holiday season! It's a perfect way to make memories with your little ones!


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