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Easy 3 Ingredient Ham Salad

Ready for the world’s easiest ham salad recipe? (And best tasting, in my opinion) I'm not a fan of the overly sweetened stuff you can get from the deli. This is much better.

It technically has 4 ingredients if you include the ham, but still you won’t need anything fancy in your fridge or pantry in order to whip this up.

It’s a GREAT way to use up all of your leftover ham after the holidays. In fact, Nick and I enjoy eating the ham salad more than we like the actual ham with the holiday meal… but that’s just us. Use your ham leftovers to make some after your Easter meal next week, and we can see what you think!

You will need:

-Any amount of ham (a small pre-sliced ham from the store works too)


-Yellow Mustard (or brown or Dijon)

-Dill pickles, diced


  1. First, tear your ham into small pieces and pulse it in your food processor. For a large batch, you may have to fill your food processor multiple times.

  2. Next, dice your dill pickle (I use my hand held chopper)

  3. Now all you have to do is combine the ham, pickle, mayo and mustard into a bowl and mix together.

*Amounts of mayo and mustard will depend on how creamy you like it and how much of a mustard taste you like. You can be flexible!

Please NOTE-

If using Dijon mustard, a little goes a long way. Nick enjoys it with Dijon because of the “spicy horseradish” taste you get from it. I prefer regular or brown mustard. Start with a little mayo and mustard at a time and keep adding to your liking.

*Add hard boiled egg (diced) if you like

Enjoy with crackers, toast, on a sweet roll, or just by the spoon full 😊

(Photos shown with soft shell tortilla wraps that I air-fried into pita chips!)


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